Kate Lister

Altamira 4 HOA

Our $1.6M project came in on-time and under budget and A7 deserves all the credit. From their original project vision to the final day on the job, Adam and his team were a tremendous help. They kept the prime contractor on track, expertly represented our interests as change orders arose, and made sure all work done to spec. I highly recommend them!

Robert Johnson

Aria HOA

I can highly recommend the A7 Group. Aria Homeowners Association contracted with the A7 Group after interviewing several architectural firms to oversee the reconstruction of our lap swimming pool, fountain, spa, guest restrooms and parking level structure. Adam Rohrbaugh worked closely with the board of directors, management and general contractor in a collaborative and informative manner. I believe that the outcome of the projects was successful in large part to the expertise, oversight and counsel of the A7 Group. The A7 Group exceeded expectations!!

William Dos Santos


Adam was recently hired by my office to develop a district roofing standard for the Sweetwater Union High School District, the largest high school district in the State. He completed the standard on time and within budget and to the absolute satisfaction of District staff. The District was so satisfied that they have requested that we invite A7 to submit a proposal for performing a comprehensive roofing assessment of all District roofs and then to develop a budgeting plan for roofing repairs and scheduled replacement.

Brent Wilder

Wilder Architectural

I have worked with Adam Rohrbaugh from A7 Group on numerous projects over the years and have had only positive experiences with him and his company. Adam was our waterproofing consultant on a historic renovation of 1029 W. Madison in Chicago. The building
was originally constructed in 1872 and went through a major remodel and rehab in 2010. The project was awarded with a City of Chicago landmark status and historic preservation award.
Adam worked with our team to develop a waterproofing strategy to comply with the strict historic regulations but to also help keep the building water tight for the future of the structure. Through the various other projects such as condominium and commercial spaces, Adam has brought a high level of professionalism and attention to detail to all aspects of his work. I would highly recommend Adam and A7 be given serious consideration as the waterproofing consultant for
your facility.