Urban Edge

Urban Edge

Location: San Diego, CA

Building Type: Mid-rise Residential

Size: 5 Story Residential Infill Development

Project Type: New Build

Position: Waterproofing Consultant

Company: A7 Group, Inc.

Date: 2016


A7 Group, Inc. was selected as waterproofing consultant on this 4‐story residential infill development project to assist the architect with roofing and waterproofing details; and to provide on‐site quality assurance observations over the course of construction.


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San Diego:                                     Los Angeles:

700 2nd Street Unit H                  138 N Brand Blvd  

Encinitas, CA 92024                      Suite 200 Unit #201

Fax: 760.945.3700                         Glendale, CA 91203


California Architects Board License - # C30918

Nevada License - # 6102

New Mexico License - # 004567

Colorado License - # 401530

Oregon License - # 6397


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