Our team has a unique skill set with diverse backgrounds in architecture, construction, construction management, consulting, and forensics; which sets us apart from other traditional architectural firms, because we’re able to assist on projects in various capacities.  Our understanding in construction assemblies and forensics gives our clients the benefit of having a “hands on” critical team resource with true knowledge of building envelope design.


A7 Group understands that “industry standard” architectural drawings do not typically provide thorough and complete detailing for the building envelope.  Our “inside out” approach on every project, means our primary focus (aside from the final aesthetics lies within the details and assemblies   We’ve gained trust and respect from general contractors (and our industry peers) who truly appreciate that detailing was thought through, not only from the assembly standpoint, but also from the relevance of materials selected.


Our solution to project success begins with identifying the problems, assisting with establishing a budget, and developing a plan for achieving project goals and deadlines.  We feel our involvement throughout design and construction phase is essential.  Through regularly scheduled site visits and meetings with the owner, design team, and general contractor, A7 Group becomes a critical asset for observing and noting whether the work being performed conforms with the drawings and specifications. 


  • Architectural programming is a structured research and problem-solving process used to identify, examine, and elaborate upon the various needs underlying a design project. The architectural program is the foundation for a creative, meaningful, and - ultimately - useful architectural solution.  Includes planning, zoning and other city research; site documentation, and preparations of as-built “existing” drawings for the project.

  • Schematic Design is an initial design scheme that seeks to define the general scope and conceptual design of the project including scale and relationships between building components. 

  • Construction Drawings & Specifications.  The main purpose of construction drawings (also called plans, blueprints, or working drawings) is to show what is to be built, while the specifications focus on the materials, installation techniques, and quality standards.

  • Bidding & Negotiation involves organizing a bidding process, making a contractor selection, and negotiating a construction contract.  Selecting a contractor and negotiating the construction contract is an extremely important part of the project and should be conducted judiciously. 

  • Construction Administration.  A7 uses intimate project knowledge, vision, and our trained eye to observe and document the construction process on behalf of the owner.  

  • Waterproofing Consulting. Architecture can be defined and interpreted in many ways.  A7 Group, Inc. looks into Architecture from a forensic perspective.  For over 20 years, our experts have performed extensive research and analysis of building products, materials, and methods utilized for complex building envelope finishes; thermal and moisture protection; subterranean and low-slope roofing and waterproofing assemblies; steep-slope roofing, fenestrations, and various building envelope assemblies. Our licensed architectural professionals have a diversified background in traditional architecture, construction, and forensic architecture; and routinely provide expert witness testimony for architectural design, construction, water intrusion, and professional liability claims. 

  • 3D Modeling & Graphics. A7 is at the forefront of incorporating the latest 3D modeling techniques and BIM technology into every project. From simple visualizations to complex conflict avoidance, energy analysis and price estimations, A7 seeks to streamline the design phase and construction phase in an intelligent manner. The end result is less conflict during construction, designs that take cost into mind and a more streamlined construction process.



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